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Directora: Inês Almeida Garrett
Press: António Vieira Teixeira
Trade and Visitors: Dagmar Paul

Turismo de Portugal
Zimmerstraße 56
10117 Berlin

Tel: 00 49 30 254 10 671
E-Mail: info.germany@turismodeportugal.pt
Internet: www.visitportugal.com


Integrated within the Ministry of the Economy, Innovation and Development, Turismo de Portugal is the national tourism authority responsible for promotion, enhancement and sustainability of tourism activities, aggregating within a single entity all the institutional competencies related to stimulation of tourism activities, from the supply sector to demand.

Turismo de Portugal’s mission is as follows:

  • Enhancing and developing tourism infrastructures;
  • Developing human resources training;
  • Supporting investment in the sector;
  • Coordinating Portugal’s domestic and international promotion as a tourism destination;
  • Regulate and inspect betting activities.

Using its privilege relationship with other public bodies and economic agents in Portugal and abroad, Turismo de Portugal is dedicated to fulfilling its objective of strengthening tourism as one of the core growth engines of the Portuguese economy.

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